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Why 4MoreHits?

Our Customer Service is what sets us apart from our SEO competitors. When you sign up for SEO with, we partner you with one of our SEO Specialists who not only manages your SEO progress, he is your direct contact for any questions, concerns or changes you may have about SEO or any of our services. You will be dealing directly with the person who is making your site a success with the search engines using our SEO techniques.

The SEO work we do for you stays with you, even if you should choose to no longer use our SEO services at some point. When we set up your PPC accounts, Landing Pages and Social Marketing accounts, they are yours to keep. When you cancel with some other SEO agencies they turn off their SEO services leaving you where you started.

Why would we be willing to do this? Because we know that building long term relationships with our SEO clients and providing them with superior customer service, the finest Search Engine Marketing products available, and the knowledge that we can be depended to what we promised to do, when we promised it, our SEO customers will remain with us for a very long time.

If you have any questions about SEO, PPC, online product marketing or anything related to search engine marketing, we encourage you to contact us at 619-501-1575 and let us help answer any of the questions you may have. We welcome the opportunity to help you.

Content & Trust Scores


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the attempt to improve ratings for relevant keywords in the search results of the major search engines by improving a website's structure, content and trust score. We are SEO specialists, with over 10 years experience in Search Engine Marketing & Automotive SEO , we know what the relevant keywords are and how to improve their ratings in the search results of the major Search Engines.

Our teams of SEO specialists start by using the most relevant keywords. Keyword analysis is The Most Important step in SEO. If you aren't using the right keywords everything else is just a waste time. Using our experience, access to current data logs and extensive research, we determine and maintain the best keyword lists for our clients.

Our team of SEO specialists verifies that your website is structurally sound. Bad links, missing meta-tags, missing image alt tags and other costly mistakes can be the difference between a first page listing and being buried, unseen, with all the rest. Once a site is determined to be in good structural order we edit or create content to improve the website's content score, using only the most relevant keywords that we have found by keyword anaylsis.

While one team works on your websites content score, another team works on your website's trust score. They submit xml sitemaps to Google and Yahoo and make manual submissions to other major search engines. Our SEO specialists contact other website owners to generate links, and use other techniques to improve your website's trust score. They review your online, digital reputation and make note of any damaging reviews and help you make repairs to your online digital reputation. They create listings for your company on these online review site. When applicaable, they create and submit feeds to a wide range of online classified websites to further promote your products and your online presence. All of these techniques are examples of 'out-of-the-box' thinking that helps improve your websites trusts score and ultimatly gets you to appear on the first pages of the search engines for the keywords that get the right people to your website.

By using all of these search engine optimization techniques, and others not mentioned in depth here, such as online product marketing, monitoring online digital reputations and employing viral marketing techniques, we have established a long track record of sucesses for our clients by increasing the amount of organic traffic that comes to their website. But we believe that getting traffic to your website is only the first step. We have several techniques of modifying your user interface to include a variety of calls-to-action, like inset forms, pop-up forms and lead generating landing pages that are specifically designed to convert your traffic into leads and sales.

Contact us today to receive your FREE WebSite Analysis from our team of experts! Our Search Engine Optimization Techniques are the best in the business and designed to get you to show up higher in the organic searches of all the major Search Engines.

Call today, 619-501-1575, and let us perform a FREE Website Analysis of your website and explain how our time tested techniques can help improve your position in the Organic Listings of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).